• Weekend Coder: Progressive Web Apps

    This is completely random but I read a TechCrunch article about how Windows Phone could make a comeback in part because of Progressive Web Apps. I’ll be honest: this has been a desire of mine since Apple released the very first iPhone “apps” which were intended to be apps that worked with the phone APIs. Check out this video from 2007 when the iPhone was first announced that describes this: Steve Jobs introduces iPhone Web Apps & Safari for Windows - WWDC (2007). The link jumps to the end of the video where Steve Jobs surprises us with his “one last thing” bit.

  • Weekend Coder: Angular Tour of Heroes

    This weekend I wanted to change things up and finally dig down into the newest version of Angular for about the 4th or 5th time. I remember having much more trouble with this the first time I did it. Also I didn’t understand what stuff did all that much. Similar to the phonecat tutorial for Angular 1.x there’s the new Tour of Heroes tutorial for the new Angular.

  • Spring Boot and Docker Thoughts

    I recently tried the Spring Boot with Docker tutorial and was very impressed. I got through most of the guide until I hit a roadblock when trying to push the image created to the Docker Hub registry.

  • Digging Python

    I dusted off my Raspberry Pi 2 today and looked around for some Python resources. I remembered seeing some documentation from the various vendors that sell the Pi that it’s great to learn Python on. I am pretty sure this is for kids to learn and seeing how I’m a professional developer this has to be a walk in the park right?

  • Visual Studio Code is now my favorite text editor

    The way I tend to use tools is I’ll try something out for a while. If it comes natrually to me I’ll keep on using it until it proves to be too cumbersome or breaks. If that’s the case I’ll be on the lookout for a new tool.

  • NodeSchool is pretty fun

    A friend and I have committed to do the NodeSchool courses to learn Node.js. We’ve even gone to the length to create a Slack group to keep each other motivated

  • Welcome to My Blog!

    Hi there.

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